Marty Kramer

At a young age I was fortunate my father; an artist in pastel and oil, as well as a musician, introduced me to the arts, which also included film photography and darkroom processing. He also passed on to me life's lessons, which by the way I will admit I did not appreciate or understand until well into my adult life. 

I served 22 years in the U.S. Navy, appointed to Chief Petty Officer and proudly appointed to the rank of Master Chief, but due to my failing eyesight, with honors, I was medically discharged. However, with an insatiable desire for discovery I continued my travels witnessing many wonders and experiencing so much of what our world has to offer.

My 2022 resolution? I survived 2020 The Perpetual Tuesday and 2021 The Year of Anger. I am looking forward to this New Year with tolerance through understanding, curiosity trumping judgement and patiently working toward peace. 

I continue today to have the privilege to enjoy my on-going passion for discovery through photography, painting and writing allowing me to share my experiences with you.

And because of this...

Every day is an opportunity to do, touch and taste something new. 

     -My Bucket List-

Washington is my home with my extremely patient wife Cindy, two wonderful children who survived my lack of parenting skills, but can proudly say my friends and Jax our rescued German Shepard.